An holistic approach...



Everyone owns the key to self-healing within, indeed sometimes, one's body needs a little help.

As a kinesiology therapist, I endeavour to restore your balance and help you find your own homeostasis, reach your full potential and self-healing abilities.







We usually act depending on our emotions, beliefs, our environment, learned schemes and inherited programs. Sometimes, consciously or not,  some of these elements keep us from moving forward with ease. Using muscular testing, we discover hand in hand the incoherencies, stress and blockages in order to release them. 



It is a wonderful tool for bio-feedback. I will apply a light pressure on your forearm while we talk: when everything is coherent, at every level of consciousness, you forearm will react with a strong muscular tonus. In case of incoherence, stress or blocage, muscular tonus will be weak. This bio test allows us to "translate" body information and cell memory. 



It is crucial that you lead the therapy session, this is a moment for YOU. Feel free to stop the session at any time, answer my question or not, and share what comes to your mind. I will ask all the questions out loud during muscular testing, ask for the permission to test and to access informations. The session should take place under respectful and soothing conditions, so as the changes to come. 

homme bras ouverts vers l'horizon

For everyone...


There are no limits of age to benefit from kinesiology, this therapy is made for everyone, to help with various issues. 

  • Emotional (Anxiety, depression, stress...)
  • Phobias
  • Learning difficulties
  • Pain and physical problems